Music today, staying on subject, isn’t Tennis by Chris Rea or Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports and not Superbowl but Supersister, Holland’s great Canterbury-inspired noodling virtuosos with a clearly odd attitude that made them intriguing as personalities and gave their music depth beyond their skills – “Playful and complex”. Featuring Robert Jan Stips on keys who as a Dutch legend has also found himself playing with The Nits and Golden Earring. In the earlier lineup Sacha van Geest played the flute, Ron van Eck played bass and Marco Vrolijk the drums, and later Charlie Mariano on sax and flute and Herman Van Boeyen, drums. Their fourth album Iskander (1973) is “a jazz-rock oriented concept album based upon the life of Alexander the Great”. Haha, what could go wrong?

Album Of The Daze

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