Music today has been two little played albums, the first, All Together Now (1972) by Argent, not a lot of people talk about them despite there being a big hit on this album, Hold Your Head Up, also released in 1972 (UK and US No.5). I saw them play at the Liverpool Stadium in the mid-seventies and I remember I had ticket No.7. I also played Fair Weather’s Beginning From An End (1971) that also spawned a hit, Natural Sinner, in 1970 (UK No.6). This one didn’t wear too well. Argent’s album was very seventies but I like a couple of the songs including Tragedy which is somehow similar to the Bee Gees when they actually say the word ‘Tragedy’ if not in the rest of the song, odd that, especially as the latter came out way later in 1979. As far as Fair Weather, it was Andy Fairweather-Low’s band after Amen Corner but it’s a little light on memorable songs despite the hit.

Music Of The Daze

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