Music today started in the afternoon with the latest Blackfield album For The Music (2020) and then Blackfield V (2017). It’s Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen’s collaboration but nothing seems to be as good as Blackfield (2004) & Blackfield II (2007). Perhaps we need to listen closer.

Tonight after dinner I listened to Earth, Sun, Moon (1987) by Love And Rockets and was happy to find that when I listened to the first Hawkwind album (1970) straight after, these two albums could have been by the same band. It’s only perceived images that keep excellent music away from people who think they know what they like. It’s disturbing that people listen with their eyes and not their ears.

After this I listened to Pink Floyd’s More (1969) because an extra track on the Hawkwind album was a cover of Cymbaline from this album, everything is connected. Then came Obscured By Clouds (1972) because both these albums are soundtracks and I pair them up. Amazing music, if you like this kind of thing.

Music Of The Daze

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