Music today started with listening to Blackfield 2 (2007) and then Blackfield 1 (2004) whilst showering, that led to a later listening of Porcupine Tree’s final album The Incident (2009), and then I scrambled around wondering what to listen to, one track off the new Alice Cooper album, Detroit Stories (2021), which was Rock And Roll written by Lou Reed from The Velvet Underground album Loaded (1970), two tracks from the new Israel Nash album Topaz (2021), sounded overproduced. Half a track off The DarknessPinewood Smile album (2017), you really have to be in the mood for their shenanigans and three tracks from The Fiery FurnacesEleanor Friedberger’s last album Rebound (2018), it was ok, got good reviews. They were all ok but it’s what you are in the mood for and then I landed on Ozric Tentacles’ main man and guitar player Ed Wynne’s album Shimmer Into Nature (2019), I presume that’s Brandi Wynne on bass. It’s an instrumental cozmic arpeggiating keys and guitar soloing for fans of Pierre Moerlen’s Gong, great if you like this kind of thing.

Music Of The Daze

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