Music today started with some of those Beach Boys albums that no-one seems to talk about beyond Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile. Wild Honey (1967), Friends (1968), 20/20 (1969), there’s also Sunflower (1970), Surf’s Up (1971), Carl And The Passions – So Tough (1972), and Holland (1973). I also listened to Al Stewart’s Orange (1972) and Past, Present And Future (1973) and The ScorpionsFly To The Rainbow (1974), quite different things as usual. I also watched two mimed Echo and The Bunnymen videos from Belgian TV, Turquoise Days and A Promise from Heaven Up Here (1981) – keeping it eclectic. I have to be up for a sesh in Sydney at 9.30 AM tomorrow. Goodnight.

Music Of The Daze

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