Music today was on random on the kitchen iPod and I heard Mott The Hoople, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Moody Blues, Porcupine Tree, Uriah Heep, Badfinger, Amon Düül, U2, Guns N’ Roses, Genesis, Family, The Zombies, Love And Rockets and UFO which seems to be the rock iPod that was last added to about 15 years ago. I have (had) four iPods and each one has different kinds of music except one rid itself of all the songs, the other just died and the more indie-inspired iPod wasn’t randomly picked up today. So there was a jazz and soul and R&B and a more contemporary iPod that also had more experimental music on it but breakfast rock iPod it was today.

After that day out in the city, I came back for a sesh with Chris, we fixed the world and then I watched PSG vs. Bayern Munich and did French listening to The Electric Flag’s A Long Time Comin’ (1967). It’s Mike Bloomfield’s band although by the time they made this, their first real album after their debut, The Trip soundtrack (1967) starring Peter Fonda, he’d left. Then I listened to Deep PurpleFireball (1971), it seems I had a rather rock day.

Music Of The Daze

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