Music today started early with Genesis Live (1973) but I didn’t hear much of it between the shower and the bakery – that’s the shower AND the bakery not the shower IN the bakery. Later Leonard Cohen’s second album Songs From A Room (1969), a poetic record that has me wanting to read the lyrics as much as listen to the songs. I then went the other way and listened to Pierre Moerlen’s Gong and the Downwind album (1979), Moerlen sadly died at the age of 52 described as ‘by natural causes’. All this music to choose from, so great, different genres, eras, vocal, instrumental all you have to do is find the kind of thing you like by exploring everything – simple.

Music Of The Daze

The musical musings in this post are an excerpt from my daily blog, TO WHERE I AM NOW, featured on my main website. See more pictures and read the full post here.

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