Music today was David Bowie’s Heathen (2002), a rather mature record and one of his better later albums. Followed by Greta Van Fleet’s The Battle At Garden’s Gate (2021). It’s not like Led Zeppelin, it’s just Classic Rock with a singer with a high register. They only formed in 2012, over 40 years since the Zep sank with the death of John Bonham. I just want to get them in a room and make sure they are aware of the wave they are riding and don’t blow it. Lyrically it’s not for you avid readers and musically it’s for the rockers out there. I find myself feeling great concern for the singer’s voice. I truly hope he has a personal voice coach who makes sure he doesn’t destroy his vocal cords by his 30th birthday. For those that don’t like this kind of thing, don’t listen to it and leave them alone, shooting fish in a barrel.

Music Of The Daze

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