Music today has been a mixture of great singers and singer-songwriters, more contemporary or at least who have released records in what we might call the modern era. Their records may be throwbacks to the sixties and/or seventies but in the case of the male singers are inspired by the now. But I started with Rumer and Seasons Of My Soul (2010), Pakistani/English singer who might have loved Karen Carpenter’s voice once before as well as the soft swing of the sixties. Then there’s Tom McRae’s Just Like Blood (2003), the follow-up to his excellent self-titled debut. Crafted songs with moody instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics. Then Scott Matthews and his lovely voice and atmosphere on The Great Untold (2018) and Home Part 2 (2017). I’ve seen Rumer live in Stockholm and McRae live in London, both good, great even if you like that kind of thing. And if you’re wondering, I’m saving Emmit Rhodes’ Rainbow Ends for tomorrow.

Music Of The Daze

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