Music today was fulfilling the desire to hear those cuddly, fluffy, down-to-earth zillionaire Sheffield lads Def Leppard and their tasteful covers album with its evocative title Yeah! (2005). It’s actually a pop-metal glam album with some sixties songs thrown in and as they covered Don’t Believe A Word it led me to Thin Lizzy and I listened to Shades Of A Blue Orphanage (1972) and Jailbreak (1976). It was Scott Gorham that got me into trouble with my father when I told him that I wanted hair like that, “Not in my house,” he roared. It was Def Leppard that got me into trouble with people who could never understand what was good about The Leppard, especially when you look at some of the lyrical content but I think it all started with Photograph (1983), we all liked that song in the ex-band as we did More Than A Feeling (1976) and although this isn’t a pop-metal thing, the reason we were willing to work with Greg Ladanyi was because we all liked Don Henley’s The Boys Of Summer (1984). One of my favourite thinkers, Albert Camus, loved football and swimming, your casual pleasure, unlike your influence, doesn’t necessarily come to fruition in your work.

Music Of The Daze

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