Music today has been the sixties playlist again, just simply because it is irresistible but then I listened to The HolliesButterfly (1967), some of you might know Dear Eloise but otherwise, it’s a classic Hollies catchy record, sometimes twee (second track Away, Away, Away) and sometimes psychedelic because it’s that era and sixties bands are getting out of their suits. Maker is tabla and sitar, Pegasus is a fantasy, complete with neighing. A mixture of the past sound and the present future, very Beatle influenced, the clothing is something else. Wishyouawish sounds like Simon and Garfunkel meets Harpers Bizarre. Side 2 starts with Postcard, Charlie and Fred has horse hooves, both sixties-sounding songs, the album has strings, brass, harmonies, acoustic guitars, and super catchy songs. Try It has weird sounds and along with Elevated Observations is back into psychedelic territory. No singles were released in the UK from this or the previous album Evolution, also released in 1967. The penultimate Step Inside has the classic harmonies and the last track, Butterfly, has a beautiful complex string arrangement. The US version of the album Dear Eloise/King Midas In Reverse omits Try It, Elevated Observations, and Pegasus and adds King Midas In Reverse. This song was classic Graham Nash. It was his last album with the band. Really great if you like this kind of thing.

Music Of The Daze

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