As the RSD Drops weekend looms (June 12th), it’s time for the third track from the Noctorum – Sparks Lane album. My Museum is one of my favourite moody tracks that I’ve recorded, lyrically atmospheric, an intoxicating presence takes over like an addiction where you are lost, caught under a spell that’s weaving a web of irresistible forces where you become helpless under the beguiling power of seduction, enticed towards insanity.

Song Of The Daze


My museum of cobwebs and dust
Frozen statues cold to the touch
Trace of perfume hangs in the air
But I can’t see you, there’s nobody there

Heavy curtains, billowing lace
In the shadows I still see your face

Red Persian carpets, Arabian bells
Ring in my ears like the sirens of hell
You are a luxury, a poison, a drug
And I don’t know how to unplug

To rise or to fall
Dark mocking portraits
Stare out from the wall
In the silence
I’m deafened by noise
I have no choice
I have no choice

Winding hallways, mirrors and lights
Blinding beauty, all your delights

Circuses spinning around in my head
There’s blood in the fairground
The sky has turned red
You’re a minx, you’re an angel
You’re ice, you’re the sun
You seem to have me undone

The musical musings in this post are an excerpt from my daily blog, TO WHERE I AM NOW, featured on my main website. See more pictures and read the full post here.

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