Music today was Track 8 from Noctorum’s Sparks Lane, All In Good Faith. It reminds me of a later Bunnymen track. With only four days left till RSD Drops (Record Store Day) on Saturday, I’m hoping you can find it out there. Please let us know if you can and send us photos, well, send Olivia photos (olivia@martywillson-piper.com)

Song Of The Daze


I wanna show you all of my prizes
I’ll show all my tricks to you
All my disguises
Just let me in there, just let me in there

Take off your clothes for me
You know that you want to
If you get over me
You’re going to have to
I know you won’t want to
(I can’t believe this feeling)
I know you won’t want to
(What is this drug you’re dealing)
I know you won’t want to
(You touch my hand I’m reeling)

You are completely
Under my spell
I’ll be your secret with no-one to tell
Even though it’s not so hard to believe
All in good faith

Put on some music
Made to seduce you
I might even sing something
Just to remind you
You might know the melody
(I hear the song you’re singing)
You might know the melody
(Why do the bells start ringing)
You might know the melody
(You seem to know what I’m thinking)

Blinded by spotlights that shine in the dark
This is so easy, a walk in the park
Even though this might feel special for you
All in good faith

The musical musings in this post are an excerpt from my daily blog, TO WHERE I AM NOW, featured on my main website. See more pictures and read the full post here.

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