Music today has been the ninth and penultimate track on Noctorum’s Sparks Lane. This one Dare sang and usually the one that sings it writes the words but in this case, I wrote the words and Dare sings it. It’s a bit of an odd title but thinking back, I think it was something I overheard someone say, but I can’t quite remember when, where or what the context was. It’s delightfully slow and dreamy and one of my favourite tracks on the album.

Song Of The Daze


There are no headlines in the news today
Just petty wars, far away
All these tragedies wash over me
Paper heroes they don’t interest me

If I could only get outside myself
See the garlands not the chains

Dying flowers on a broken grave
Who could know how much love you gave
A quiet shell, that’s lost the sea
How could consequence let this be
So many colours in a dying leaf
Instead of sadness there’s relief

I think you’ve bruised this heart
I just can’t get it started again
I think you’ve used this heart
And it looks like we’ve parted again

The musical musings in this post are an excerpt from my daily blog, TO WHERE I AM NOW, featured on my main website. See more pictures and read the full post here.

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