Music today has been Sandy Denny and the albums Sandy Denny and the StrawbsAll Our Own Work (1967), Fairport Convention’s third album Unhalfbricking (1969), Fotheringay’s debut (1970) and her second solo album Sandy (1972). This because we found a video of our trip to her grave that we never posted. We were there when we were staying with Biggles and his wife Colleen in early 2020 who live very close to the Putney Vale cemetery where she is buried. Visiting people’s graves might seem quite maudlin but it always fills me full of energy and inspiration. If you aren’t aware of Sandy Denny’s work then make your way from the beginning to the end and be sad that she left us so young, dying as the result of a fall at the age of 31.

Music Of The Daze

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