Music today was/is The Smile, a new band with Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke with drummer Tim Skinner (Sons Of Kemet) with Nigel Godrich lurking somewhere. It seems that it’s not very well-known outside the Radiohead fans and it’s not everywhere to be found. This link (see below) is the best I could find with ‘Demo Mode’ emblazoned over the whole half-hour. It’s live-streamed from this year’s Worthy Farm (Glastonbury), May 2021. But really, we’re not there for the pictures, it’s the sounds. It’s a blend of what we’ve grown accustomed to with Radiohead mixed with math rock, proto-punk, progressive, jazz and motorik. Apart from some great tricky riffs from Jonny Greenwood and some great bass grooves from him and Thom Yorke, Yorke’s singing is so melodic and spacey, I have no idea how he finds the melodies over these compositions. The tricky timings from these three members are a lesson for anyone with an adventurous approach to music. I also listened to A Moon Shaped Pool (2016) and was wondering when we might expect another Radiohead album. There’s lots of solo projects going on in the band since their last release with Thom Yorke’s Suspiria and Phil Selway and Jonny Greenwood releasing soundtrack albums, guitarist Ed O’Brien has a project called EOB and as for bassist Colin Greenwood, Jonny’s brother, it seems like the band, there’s an intellectual side, with his interest in photography and literature.

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