Music today was Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich’s Golden Hits. A classic sixties beat group who sold millions of records in their day and are mostly forgotten now unless you were there or a music nerd. Catchy songs, written by the songwriting team of Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley, great beats, and No.1 singles. If you were there you might remember Zabadak!, a UK No.3, which I bought as a single as a kid and I still have it. There were many memorable songs – these were some of my favourites: You Make It Move (1965), a UK No.26, Hold Tight (1966), UK No.4, Bend It (1966), a UK No.2, Touch Me, Touch Me (1967), a UK No.13, Okay (1967), a UK No. 4, and perhaps the most memorable, The Legend of Xanadu (1968) with its famous whiplash was a No.1 UK single (released after the Golden Hits album). The band had hits in many other countries in the world but failed to make it in the USA. Hold Tight was used in Quentin Tarantino‘s 2007 film Death Proof. Lead vocalist and ex-policeman Dave Dee (David John Harman) died in 2009, bassist Dozy (Trevor Ward-Davies) died in 2015. Rhythm guitarist Beaky (John Dymond), drummer Mick (Michael Wilson) and lead guitarist Tich (Ian Frederick Stephen Amey) are still with us. Tich retired after 50 years in the band but Beaky continues to keep the band’s name alive and although quietly moved to the silent fields of music history “between 1965 and 1969, the group spent more weeks in the UK Singles Chart than the Beatles.

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