Music today came from a message from my mate Biggles in London who had heard Springwater (Phil Cordell) today on the radio. I wasn’t aware of him but I listened to the album from 1972 and really liked it. I found it on Discogs for 8€ and bought it only to receive a message five minutes later saying it wasn’t available, ah well at least I’m aware of it now. That set me off on listening to four albums from 1972, so I listened to Strawbs‘ fourth album Grave New World from the same year before listening to Gentle Giant’s fourth album Octopus from the same year and last but not least Waterloo Lily by Caravan released in, yes you guessed it, their fourth album released in 1972. It was also almost a tribute to the 72 laps I swam today!

Music Of The Daze

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