Music today has been a strange journey from the last Be-Bop Deluxe album Drastic Plastic (1978) to Bill Nelson’s utter change of pace as he embraced New Wave with multiple arms releasing Bill Nelson’s Red Noise Sound-on-Sound in 1979 and despite it being quite a bang crash of an album I’ve always really liked it. I bought it new when it came out and I’ve always been a fan from his hippie album Northern Dream (1971) all the way through Be-Bop Deluxe, Red Noise and all the home studio instrumental records and beyond. Hard to keep up with him though! He makes my output look like Chinese Democracy (2008)! After this, it seemed appropriate to investigate Wire’s Colin Newman and his fourth solo album Commercial Suicide (1986). Like Bill Nelson, Newman made a decisive style change with this more orchestrated version of himself. I also listened to his third album Not To, apparently containing reworkings of songs originally written for Wire (1982).

Music Of The Daze

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