Music today started as a result of chatting to Ed Rogers about the WFMU we will be doing together. He told me that Andy Partridge had a new EP out, My Failed Songwriting Career (2021), and I was going to listen tonight but I can’t find it digitally. I bought the EP but I’m going to have to wait. So I thought I’ll listen to TC&I, ex XTC members Terry Chambers and Colin Moulding’s EP Great Aspirations (2017) instead. I already have the EP in the archive but I couldn’t find that digitally either. So I looked at some of Andy Partridge’s collaborations and found an interesting one with ex Zappa guitarist Mike Keneally called Wing Beat Fantastic (2012). Sounds like an odd combination but great. I went on to more of Ed’s recommendations and was happy I did as he turned me on to North Sea Radio Orchestra’s Craig Fortnam and his solo album Ark (2021) which I immediately bought and the Canadian artist Harkness The Occasion (2021) that I can’t find to buy on vinyl but is available to listen to digitally, and you must. Last but not least I always buy everything by Chrissie Hynde because of her voice. Her last solo album Stockholm (2014) and most of the last couple of Pretenders albums Alone (2016) and Hate For Sale (2020) were a bit of a struggle and if you are aware of JP Chrissie and The Fairground Boys, Fidelity (2010), the jazzy Valve Bone Woe (2019) and now this latest album Standing In The Doorway (2021) covering Bob Dylan. With all kinds of guest appearances over the years, it seems like she’s searching for that old magic but who isn’t, it’s hard to keep it warm.

Album review: Craig Fortnam – ‘Ark’: North Sea Radio man gathers his world in a prog-pastoral-folk craft of intricacy and thoughtfulness

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