Music today was the final studio Cure album 4:13 Dream (2008). One might ask, how come it’s been so long? This from Wikipedia: “In April 2014, Smith announced that the band would release an album called 4:14 Scream later that year, which would contain fourteen of the outtakes from the 2007 recording sessions. As well, a limited edition double album titled 4:26 Dream was also mooted, which would contain twenty-six non-album songs and/or remixes. To date, these albums of outtakes remain unreleased.”

It seems like this album tries again to marry the darkness with the light but it seems the ship has sailed for the masses in regards to the albums. This is what happens, if the new songs were the old songs, they wouldn’t be as popular. A few years ago I saw them live at Madison Square Garden in New York, they were there for three nights, the live audience doesn’t seem to have waned. It was fascinating to see them in America if only for the lack of black clothes in the audience.

Music Of The Daze

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