Music today has been The War On Drugs‘ latest album I Don’t Live Here Anymore (2021) which lives in some weird twilight zone between rock, indie and commercial music with machines, organics, thoughtful songs, catchy songs – I hear drum machines, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, soft sensitive songs, uptempo soaring songs and I can’t decide if it’s indie-inspired by rock or rock-inspired by indie or pop-inspired by contemporary commercial accessible music but I like it, the guy’s a good songwriter, knows a good tune, has a sensitive side, he seems to really know what he wants as he perplexes with the style. It flows nice ’n’ easy, it’s mellow yet has tension, I would hope that these uptempo songs really take off live whilst closing your eyes and swinging yourself away to others. I bet he loves Dylan too.

This is main man Adam Granduciel’s fifth album. The third album Lost in the Dream (2014) was a big seller when I worked at Pet Sounds in Stockholm. The fourth album, A Deeper Understanding (2017) won the Best Rock Album Grammy. It’s strange because it is and isn’t a rock album, lots of drum machines but somehow it works in this context, I’m not sure why – clever manipulation of the organic and the electronic I guess.

Music Of The Daze

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