Music today has been the enigmatic Vanishing Twin and their latest album Ookii Gekkou (2021) which means Big Moonlight in Japanese. It might just be best to quote someone else who remains anonymous to describe who they are:

Beyond the obvious influences of landmark groups like Stereolab, Portishead, and Broadcast, Vanishing Twin marks out its own voice through its meticulous ensemble of deep groove, tonal range, and startling range of sonic textures. If “Age of Immunology” was an immaculate start that promised much, “Ookii Gekkou” is a masterpiece collection of spaces and “zones” (hardly really “songs”) that exemplify the group’s surrealist grasp on structure.

I discovered them after stumbling across their Age Of Immunology album (2019) on one of my musical explorations and I immediately bought it. I will be looking for this new album in Tubitek, the groovy Porto record store. Their first album, Choose Your Own Adventure (2017), still eludes me. This new album has something African something electronic, something cosmic and something psychedelic, what could go wrong?

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