Music today was Miles DavisSketches of Spain (1960), kind of topical as we live just one hour from Galicia in the north and although the opening track is Concierto de Aranjuez, Aranjuez is south of Madrid, six hours away in the east. If you want to get into some jazz, I would have thought that Miles Davis might be the place to start because there are so many different versions of him that you might like something he does and find a direction, a doorway into other artists. This album is more the classical side but a worthy choice anyway. It’s produced and arranged by Gil Evans, an important cog in Davis’ work in this period. Getting into jazz you might find that there’s a particular instrument you like to hear. In Davis’ case, it’s the trumpet but you may prefer the saxophone of Stan Getz or one of the many brilliant jazz pianists. Then there are so many different styles, not just in Miles Davis’ repertoire but there’s everything from the avant-garde to the cheesy with everything in between, an interesting exploratory journey for 2022.

Music Of The Daze

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