Music today was the second Love and Rockets album Express (1986), continuing with some kind of acoustic/fuzz blend with catchy melodies. You could almost imagine it all a creation of a more lucid Syd Barrett. Or perhaps, not exactly in sound but in attitude how The Cure went from misery to playful and jumped backwards and forwards between the two till they stopped making records (but didn’t stop being a band), too successful to break up maybe, unlike Love and Rockets who did eventually call it a day and always had Bauhaus reunions if they needed them for the spotlight. You get the impression that the whole Love and Rockets idea was far more successful than they ever expected it to be. But most of all it’s a vision of their own thing, for its own sake, on their own terms, gotta love them for that. Daniel Ash once bought me a drink, gotta love him for that.

Music Of The Daze

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