Music today has been my favourite Love and Rockets album Earth, Sun, Moon (1987). I just liked the songs a lot. No New Tale To Tell was what drew me to the album and had me listening multiple times. Mirror People onwards there’s grinding guitar sounds, the feedback/EBow on The Light and as usual the absolute accessibility of it all. The acoustics are out on Welcome Tomorrow, somehow they make simple three-chord songs sound interesting, carrying on with the next song on the album, the aforementioned No New Tale To Tell with its Jethro Tull flute part (Tull fans will hear it immediately).

Here On Earth sounds closer to the first Hawkwind album than it does to Bauhaus, extraordinarily brave to be closer to progressive sounds, psychedelia and space rock infants rather than catering for the fans of the mother band and their gothic overtones or I suppose it would be undertones. Lazy has the Quo meets Mud rhythm, it’s so TOTP’s 1974, I can almost see a scantily clad Pan’s People on this catchy slice of lightweight novelty with its comical breaking of the drinks trolley at the end. Waiting For The Flood is Bowie from Hunky Dory at a Mott The Hoople singalong – Ash playing Bowie’s sax. Rainbird is back to Barrett and The Telephone Is Ringing is Pink Floyd, Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven is Roger Waters.

The title track and Youth, which could be a Beatles song, and a slow version of Mirror Version end the album in a moody simple complexity, never has anything so simple sounded so intriguing.

Music Of The Daze

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