Music today was Love and Rockets‘ fourth, self-titled, album (1989) which after Earth, Sun, Moon (1987) was rather too noisy for me, I thought that they were great when they were organic, softer more considered and only peppered with the raucous guitars here and there. It wasn’t musical enough for me, melodic enough, it wasn’t enough about the songs, it seemed to be more about the sounds. They used those simple ideas again but they were more consciously underground as if they felt like they were getting too commercial, too accessible. Ironically, it was this album that delivered their biggest hit, So Alive, that found itself sitting at No. 3 on the mainstream chart, sandwiched between Bobby Brown and Richard Marx with Prince at No. 1 with Batdance. I guess I wanted more songs like The Teardrop Collector and No Words No More but it’s their band and I’m sure the 500,000 people that bought the album liked it a lot. It’s amazing what a hit does for your visibility, it seems to me in the end whoever you are, whatever you do, people will like you, they just have to know about you – the same thing happened to us as happened to them with Under The Milky Way.

Music Of The Daze

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