Music today has been the rather wonderful first, self-titled, Argent album, released in January 1970. Recorded in London in 1969 after the demise of The Zombies. Keyboard magician, songwriter and sometime lead singer Rod Argent teamed up with vocalist-guitarist Russ Ballard who’d played the guitar with Unit 4+2 who’d had a hit in 1965 with the song Concrete And Clay (Australians will remember Martin Plaza from Mental As Anything’s version of the song reached No. 2 in Australia in 1986). Drummer Bob Henrit also played on that record. Bassist Jim Rodford later played with The Kinks and the reunited Zombies. He sadly died in 2018 after falling down the stairs at his home after returning from US Zombies dates, his son Steve is currently The Zombies’ drummer.

This album is one of the great lost classics released in the fading light of the sixties and the new world of the seventies. It has the traits of both, catchy experiments, dense, easy, complex, deep, skilfully produced, beautifully played and sung, great songs, nods to The Zombies, love it.

Music Of The Daze

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