Music today comes from the re-release of Thomas Feiner & Anywhen, The Opiates Revisited (2021). It seems that this is actually the third time this album has been re-released and each time it happens it’s because it is so good (and with a different cover each time). The album has two days left on a Bandcamp pledge campaign so buy it now while you still can or you’ll have to wait another decade for re-release number four, which I’m sure will happen. If you ever see the first two releases, think In Deep Music Archive treasure for posterity and let me know! Here’s an overview of the situation from Ewan Mee on YouTube:

This version of the album is a re-release on David Sylvian‘s Samadhisound label in 2008 because he liked the 2001 original on the Clearspot label so much. The original release has a different cover and is credited as Anywhen, with slightly different tracks, one track, “Where is the High” isn’t on this version which is a pity as it is stunning. Having said that this version has “Yonderhead” and “For Now” that are not on the 2001 release. Both versions are hard to come by, I hope someday it will be released which includes all of the tracks. On a side note, I found the 2001 version on amazon for just under six quid! Also, the Sylvian connection continues as Thomas Feiner is the voice of Steve Jansen‘s band Exit North, and their debut album “Book of Romance and Dust” makes a great companion to “The Opiates”. Steve Jansen of course is the brother of David Sylvian.

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