Music today has been King Crimson’s classic Starless and Bible Black (1974), named from a line in Dylan Thomas’ own classic Under Milk Wood (1954). The album features Robert Fripp, John Wetton, Bill Bruford and David Cross. In the late seventies, I hitchhiked around Europe three times. One time I was somewhere in France, I frankly don’t remember where. In those days whenever you saw a Citroën 2CV, you got your hopes up. It seemed like the kind of person that drove one of those would be more sympathetic to a lonely hitchhiker with long greasy hair and a guitar. I saw a 2CV coming towards me, it stopped and picked me up. It was Martine and her boyfriend whose name was…ahh, something double-barrelled. They invited me to their house where her brother was, I think, or was Philippe driving? Haha, it was 50 years ago. At their house they were set up to play drums and guitars and in that week that I stayed (yes, I stayed a week), we jammed and we learned how to play The Great Receiver from Starless and Bible Black. Maybe that was an early rehearsal for joining Anekdoten, 45 years later. Recently out of nowhere, Martine got in touch.

Music Of The Daze

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