Music today has been the first album by The Mamas & the Papas, If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears, released in 1966. Side 1 opened with Monday, Monday written by John Phillips, Side 2 with California Dreamin’ written by John and Michelle Phillips. Both songs were No.1 US singles. The album has a couple of covers, Lennon and McCartney’s I Call Your Name and Jerry Leiber and Phil Spector’s Spanish Harlem but it’s the two classic singles that both went to No.1 in the USA that stand out. The cover art has the band clothed in the bath but someone realised that by the bath was a toilet, so after the first edition of the album the toilet was blanked out to save America. The grammatical error with the apostrophes was ignored.

The band members: Songwriter and arranger John Phillips died in 2001 of liver failure at age 65 after a life of terrible drug addiction. Cass Elliot, aka Mama Cass, was a talented singer and a presence in the band. She sadly died at age 32 in 1974 from heart failure. An eerie coincidence, she died in the same room as Keith Moon at the same age. Canadian singer Denny Doherty died in 2007 aged 66, Michelle Phillips is alive and well and going strong at 77.

Music Of The Daze

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