Music today has been Humble Pie’s double live album Rockin’ The Fillmore, recorded live at the Fillmore East in 1971 and released in the same year. Lots of distorted guitars with Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton playing harmonies and Marriott’s voice beaming in from another planet, Frampton’s lead playing stands out as him. A stirring 23-minute version of I Walk On Guilded Splinters, they don’t make ‘em like this anymore. A 16-minute Rollin’ Stone with a bleep out at 5.06? Really? I don’t remember hearing that on the original record. Bands like this are so out of favour, but the crowd then loved it, another world. I was asked to post something about Humble Pie as I was seemingly listening to bands with the letter H, Humble Pie are not quite as obscure though, a supergroup really with Marriott from Small Faces and Frampton from The Herd, Greg Ridley on bass from Spooky Tooth with Jerry Shirley from the lesser-known Apostolic Intervention on drums.

Lovers of this record often cite the final track, the 9-minute I Don’t Need No Doctor, as their favourite with the classic Marriott line in his ‘Landan’ accent, “We go ’ome on Monday, but I wanna tell ya, we ain’t ‘alf ‘ad a gas this time, it’s really been a gas”.

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