Music today has been 10ccHow Dare You! (1976), their fourth album. It had the hits Art For Art’s Sake (No.5 on the UK chart) and my fave, I’m Mandy Fly Me (No.6 on the UK chart). It’s arty pop by clever/clever singer-songwriter musicians Lol Creme, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman. Gouldman you’ll know from writing sixties hits No Milk Today for Herman’s Hermits (No.7 on the UK Chart), For Your Love (UK No.3/US No.6) and Heart Full Of Soul (UK No.2/US No.9) for The Yardbirds and Look Through Any Window (UK No.4) and Bus Stop (No.5 in the UK and the US) for The Hollies.

Music Of The Daze

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