Music today has been The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s first album Framed (1972). I was always a mega-fan of this band, although they were ‘just’ a rock ‘n’ roll band, they could be inspiring and different. They went from barroom rock ‘n’ roll to covers of Leiber & Stoller, Muddy Waters and on their second album Next (1973), Jacques Brel. All the members apart from Alex Harvey had been members of the Scottish band Tear Gas and they got together and created unique chemistry. I saw them twice in Liverpool in the seventies and despite Alex Harvey’s wonderful presence his schtick, his voice, his charisma, all the band members were great contributors to the cause. Zal Cleminson’s makeup, mime act and green garb, and a great guitar tone, bassist Chris Glen in blue garb and cousins, the late Hugh McKenna on keys and Ted McKenna on drums. Great.

Music Of The Daze

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