To bed and blog in the morning, just too tired to do it after all this action. Music today has been Uriah Heep’s …Very ‘Eavy …Very ‘Umble, one of the most maligned bands in music history and the first band I saw, I was lucky enough not to succumb to being cool because of them. The other day when we were in the Enmore Theatre, I remembered seeing them there a few years ago. I met guitarist Mick Box after the show, super nice man. I think he even autographed something, the US album cover of VEVU, he seemed quite shocked to see it. Bowie’s Ziggy period bass player Trevor Bolder was in Uriah Heep for years before he died aged 62. I saw them in the seventies in Liverpool with bass player Gary Thain from New Zealand, he had chalk on his guitar to stop his fingers from slipping…I suppose. He’s a member of the 27 club after a heroin overdose. Original lead singer Dave Byron was dead at 38 after a life of abuse. They are still around today. We saw them in Stockholm supported by The Zombies. Really? How did that work? That’s like eating pecan pie with onions.

Music Of The Daze

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