Music today has been Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book (1972) because we talked about Jeff Beck playing lead guitar on one of the tracks and being involved in the song Superstition’s creation although he doesn’t have a songwriting credit for it. The story goes that Wonder found out Beck was a fan and asked him to play on the album, in return Beck asked Wonder to write him a song. Beck came up with the drum beat and Wonder did the rest. Originally the song was to come out on Beck, Bogert & Appice’s album but the song was such a classic and after a delay in the release of their album, Wonder released it first on Talking Book.

The opening track on the album is You Are The Sunshine Of My Life and interestingly has Jim Gilstrap sing the first two lines of the song with Lani Groves singing the next two. Gilstrap has an impressive CV as a session singer but it seems like an odd idea and one wonders why he chose to do it this way.

Music Of The Daze

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