Music today has been now, now, now or as the world would have us believe, Beyoncé is the sheeet. It’s fascinating to listen to music like this. I always wondered about the punk and indie crowd who thought prog was overly complex, it’s a criticism that is never raised in regards to contemporary R&B but this album makes prog sound like the Pistols. I suppose the difference is inner dancing rather than outer dancing, brain and body, but this record is smart. Apparently politically aware, I can’t really hear that in the lyrics but I do hear one too many F-bombs for me. Today’s paper has a controversy over a lyric, derogatory to disabled people.

It’s a record that all music fans should hear, I bet Kate Bush likes it, I bet Kate Bush is astounded by it. It has her invention with the R&B groove, immaculate production, warm, how do they programme the drums to sound and feel like this? If you like Motown and classy R&B with a creative spirit and skills galore from the singing to the backing vocals, the musicality, the arrangements, the groove and the songs themselves, then you’ll like this or at least some of it…a lot. I’m yet to see the videos…

Music Of The Daze

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