Music today has been the lovely mellow blues of a 76-year-old Robin Trower and his latest album No More Worlds To Conquer (2022). This is a snippet from the Rock And Blues Muse Site (read the full review here):

Trower is still reaching for that next meaningful song, solo, or tone that will ignite his creativity and allow him to move into the future with relevance and grace. He found all that and more while writing this new batch of songs during the pandemic, using his never-fail combination of a Stratocaster into a Marshall amp to play and speak on topics ranging from Alexander the Great to the politics and disappointments of modern life. He carves out distinct guitar tones for each song and uses them to help articulate the emotional phrasing he’s long had a gift for, leaving hypnotic trails in his wake. Trower also played all the bass parts on No More Worlds To Conquer but ceded the vocal mic to Richard Watts, a soulful singer who fits Trower’s songs perfectly, and brought in drummer Chris Taggart, who has appeared on Trower’s last few records, to complete his studio band.

Music Of The Daze

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