Music today has been a regular favourite, Pretty ThingsS.F. Sorrow (1968). This from Wikipedia:

“S.F. Sorrow is the fourth album by the English rock band Pretty Things. Released in 1968, it is known as one of the first rock operas ever released. Based on a short story by singer Phil May, the album is structured as a song cycle telling the story of a main character “Sebastian F. Sorrow”, from his birth, through love, war, tragedy, madness, and his disillusionment with old age”.

I saw them once live in Australia in a much later incarnation, but they were still really great. I spoke to guitarist Dick Taylor who was originally the bassist in the Stones. Singer Phil May sadly died aged 75 in 2020. He famously had the longest hair. R.I.P.

Music Of The Daze

Pretty Things

Phil May – vocals
Dick Taylor – lead guitar, vocals
Wally Waller – bass, guitar, vocals, wind instruments, piano
Jon Povey – organ, sitar, Mellotron, percussion, vocals
Skip Alan – drums (on some tracks, quit during recording)
Twink – drums (on some tracks, replaced Alan), vocals

Norman Smith – producer
Peter Mew – engineer
Ken Scott – engineer on “Bracelets of Fingers”
Phil May – sleeve design
Dick Taylor – photography

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