Music today has been the first Traffic album, Mr. Fantasy (c/- Boydy’s great stereo), released in December 1967, it’s full of ideas, great musicians, great singing and these guys were so young at the time (Steve Winwood was 19), what a period for creativity in music. The album was originally called Heaven is in your Mind in the US and released in 1968 with a different track listing. Two singles were released that were not included on the UK album version of the album; Paper Sun, released in May 1967, made it to No.5 on the UK chart and No.4 in Canada. Hole in my Shoe, the second single, released in August 1967, reached No.2 in the UK, No.4 in Canada and No.22 in Germany. I bought Hole in my Shoe when I was 9 years old, I still have it…or the storage warehouse does…

Music Of The Daze

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