Music today, in honour of Brian’s searchings, is The Moody BluesIn Search Of The Lost Chord (1968), the follow-up to the classic Days Of Future Passed (1967) which incidentally, we saw them perform live last time we were in Texas. One of the lines on In Search Of The Lost Chord made me wonder if Bono had heard this but had never been to a zoo. “I’ve seen polar bears and seals, I’ve seen giant antarctic eels, I’ve still not found what I’m looking for”. Then there’s the Timothy Leary song, Legend Of A Mind. There are flutes, Mellotrons, 12-string guitars, electric guitars and Justin Hayward‘s pleasing vocals, Ee By Gum, they don’t make them like this anymore.

A shout-out to Wilko Johnson and Irene Cara who sadly left us this week. I saw Wilko live at Liverpool Stadium with Dr. Feelgood in the very early days of the band. His playing and his jagged dancing blew my mind. RIP both. “Fame, I’m going to live forever”.

Music Of The Daze

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