Music today has been The Young Rascals’ third album Groovin’ (1968). We lost drummer Dino Danelli on December 15th, he was 78 years old. The album’s title track was the classic No.1 single Groovin’. It was written and sung by co-lead vocalist and keyboard player Felix Cavaliere. Another well-known song, How Can I Be Sure (covered by Dusty Springfield and David Cassidy), was also on this album. This time sung by co-lead vocalist and percussionist, Eddie Brigati (written by Brigati and Cavaliere). The band’s guitarist and harmonica player was Gene Cornish but oddly (like The Doors), they did not have a bass player, I imagine this was covered by Cavaliere for live shows as it was by Ray Manzarek in The Doors. Bassist Chuck Rainey played on the recordings.

Music Of The Daze

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