It was a bit of a tough day in the studio today. Although one song came together quite smoothly, another was harder and it’s at those times that you think about Not Guilty, Take 102 on The BeatlesWhite Album (1968) and it didn’t make the album. Imagine how many reels of tape they used to record this one track. George revisited the song and released it as the second track on his 1979 self-titled album. it’s a positive album and is in complete contrast to what was going on in England in 1979. It’s breezy, middle of the road, it’s produced by smoothy Russ Titelman which explains why it sounds this way, but it did have the hit song Blow Away and the follow up to Here Comes the Sun called (you guessed it) Here Comes the Moon, “It’s like a little brother to the sun”. Interestingly Here Comes the Sun, a Harrison song, is the top-streamed Beatles song on Spotify (925,263,783), 400 million more than Let It Be in second place.

In the studio today I was detuning guitars, two 12-strings and a 6-string acoustic, trying to find a key to sing to without transposing the chords. Some songs have to have the particular shapes you wrote them with or it just doesn’t work. We got engineer Kevin’s guitar back from the luthier and discovered that the pickup didn’t work. Sarah picked it up and was now taking it back. It ended up being a dead battery but we couldn’t even see the battery to know it was dead. Some guitars put the battery in a ridiculous place. It was a good job that it was something simple because I’ll be using it on Saturday for the Dallas show, so be there, Salim will be playing too. A perfect night for low-key New Year’s Eve lovers who still want to go out.

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