Music today has been a psychedelic classic that nobody bought, Kaleidoscope’s Tangerine Dream (1967). They were English and are not to be confused with the American Kaleidoscope (that included David Lindley who played on Starfish). This Kaleidoscope featured Peter Daltrey on vocals, Eddy Pumer on guitar, Steve Clark on bass and flute, and Dan Bridgman on drums. Although they made one more album, Faintly Blowing, in 1969, success eluded them. So, what did they do? They changed their name to Fairfield Parlour and released From Home To Home (1970). The psychedelic ship had sailed but the folky prog ship was docking. It was a nice try but then they were gone, their second album White Faced Lady should have come out in 1971 but it was twenty years before it finally saw the light of day. You never quite know why it doesn’t happen for a band but luckily we have the music even if they had little success.

I must mention Alan Rankine today as life has let him go, another musician leaves us. Rankine was a keyboardist and guitarist and the other half of The Associates from Scotland, singer Billy Mackenzie left a long time ago (1997) aged 39, Rankine was 64, the same age as me. I wish at least the musicians would stop dying…and everybody else.

Music Of The Daze

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