Music today has been Tommy (1969) by The Who. It was released in the same year that the Bee Gees were releasing Odessa, The Beatles were releasing Abbey Road (and Yellow Submarine), The Stones were releasing Let It Bleed, (Hendrix was between Electric Ladyland and Band Of Gypsys,) Dylan was releasing Nashville Skyline, The Kinks were releasing Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), Led Zeppelin were releasing both Led Zep I and Led Zep II, The Stooges were releasing their debut, I could go on and list a whole lot of more obscure releases but then I’d be here all night.

My point is if I ever get The Archive together in one place I’m very tempted to put it in chronological rather than alphabetical order. It’s just so interesting historically to see what was happening in a certain year, musically, lyrically, artwork, fashion, who was breaking ground and who was treading water and who was leaving – Small Faces for example who released a compilation, The Autumn Stone, and broke up. It’s something to ponder.

Music Of The Daze

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