So today we lost Burt Bacharach, he made it to the grand old age of 94 (see the list of songs written here). I would hope that he would be remembered for his collaboration with Hal David as a lyricist, arguably his finest work. David died in 2012 aged 91. But Bacharach must also be remembered for his memorable arrangements. It seems we are accepting of losing someone at this age, maybe one day people will look back and say remember when the average age to die was between 75 and 90 like they used to say about the past centuries when the average to die might have been between 35 and 45.

Music today has been Dionne Warwick Sings the Bacharach & David Songbook, the cover art doesn’t quite live up to the songwriting and the singing. That’s War-Wick by the way, English people, Americans don’t really know about the town of Warwick.

Music Of The Daze

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