Music today has been The Only Onesdebut album (1978) that includes the classic single Another Girl, Another Planet and a whole lot more of Peter Perrett gems with John Perry’s unlikely new wave guitar, Alan Mair’s bass, and with the late Mike Kellie on drums. (RIP Mike.) When I worked in a hotel in Manchester in the seventies as a night porter (yes, really), they came in and I remember Mike being really nice, Zena Kakoulli, Peter’s wife and manager, checked them in. All this pre-coming to Australia, joining the ex-band, and being compared to The Only Ones in reviews in the English press. John Perry arrived at our hotel in London in the early eighties and jammed with half the band. I later jammed with Peter Perrett with the AAE lads, he never took his mirrored sunglasses off the whole time.

Music Of The Daze

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