Music today was Elvis Costello’s Hey Clockface (2020), his 31st studio album. He’s nothing if not prolific and frankly I find it hard to keep up with him, but that he is an immense talent as a singer and a songwriter is beyond doubt. One might tire of his warbling controlled vibrato, but if you can get over that he’s a great lyricist and knows how to frame it all within tricky moving melodies. I like this album, but you have to like his shtick and I do and have since (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (1977) and since the days of playing Oliver’s Army (1979) in a Twickenham wine bar in the late seventies. Still, like chocolate, however much you like it, there’s a limit and although his dad is from Birkenhead, my part of the world, I’m not sure he’s in my blood. Although I always loved I Want You (1986)

Music Of The Daze

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