Music today has been in contrast to what we listened to over dinner which was three Black Sabbath albums – Black Sabbath (1970), Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973), and half of Vol. 4 (1972). Whilst typing here I came across a video of a fellow analysing Karen Carpenter’s vocal on A Song for You, written by Leon Russell and it reminded me that one of the hits on this mellow middle-of-the-road but quite amazing album featuring Karen Carpenter’s beautiful voice, featured the song Goodbye to Love with the soaring fuzz guitar solo from Tony Peluso which I loved in the seventies when it came out. Peluso sadly died aged 60 in 2010, but his solo lives on – played directly into the desk from the fuzz pedal. Richard Carpenter commented that soft rock fans thought that “they had sold out”, horrified by the idea of using a fuzz box. If you watch what I’ve called ‘The mad whole soft rock light entertainment concert’ below, you may marvel at Karen’s drumming, her voice and the incredibly complex arrangement of the show (care of scary straight madman Richard), a spectacle in its own right, even if you can’t stand the music. Karen Carpenter tragically died as a result of her anorexia aged 32.

Music Of The Daze

The mad whole soft rock light entertainment concert:

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