Music today has been the debut album by Greenslade, one of two albums released in 1973, the other being Bedside Manners Are Extra. In 1974, they released Spyglass Guest, which made it to No. 34 in the UK charts before their last album Time and Tide in 1975. A band that came up with the idea of having two keyboardists and no guitarist. The band was Dave Greenslade (keys) and Tony Reeves (bass) from Colosseum, Dave Lawson (keys) from I Spider and Samurai and Andrew McCulloch who played drums on King Crimson’s Lizard (1970) and with many other bands. Martin Briley joined on bass for the last album. I saw them live in the seventies at the Royal Court (I think) in Liverpool. Martin Briley was in the band then dressed in a skeleton suit playing a double neck bass and guitar (I think). What musical fun those days were.

Music Of The Daze

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